TOD Power Talk Webinar - The Art of Negotiation

15 May 2020

11:00 am - 11:30 am

Online Webinar

Online Webinar


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1x TOD Power Talk Webinar - The Art of Negotiation

15 May 2020

Online Webinar


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Real Estate Academy (REA) members have exclusive access to Training On Demand (TOD) Power Talks!

These regular webinar sessions are available without the inconvenience of travel, meaning you can be anywhere in the world as you can take part on your mobile device or screen. It also allows the opportunity for REA members to submit their challenges or requests for future sessions, as well as being in addition to our live coaching workshops.

Next Webinar Coaching Session topic - The Art of Negotiation

One of the greatest mistakes an agent can make is to treat a buyer as 'just a buyer. The truth is, in many cases, the buyer is the seller and vice versa.

Your role as an agent is to help people move as opposed to just doing a financial transaction. It's no coincidence that the agents that 'get this' are among the best in the industry. Discover why becoming influential negotiator can be your most significant referral lead source. This webinar will deliver a whole new approach and agent signals as we realign your thinking of communicating and negotiating with the real estate community.

  • How to 'master qualify' through scripts and questions 
  • Providing all facts, figures & features in writing. 
  • Learn the stepped process of delivering offers.  
  • Mastery Of The Signature Negotiation Process.
  • Thinking on your feet with objections & blockage questions.
  • The importance of removing the chance of blame verse price.

Real Estate Academy Members - These Webinar Coaching Sessions form part of your professional development and are complimentary. Please email Cristian to register your interest and secure your place now.

Non-Members are able to purchase a virtual seat for $89 per person via the webstore or by phoning Real Estate Academy on 1300 367 412

TOD Power Talk Webinar - The Art of Negotiation
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