Negotiation Workshop

05 Aug 2020

10:00 am - 2:00 pm

East Gosford NSW

Real Estate Academy


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1x Negotiation Workshop

05 Aug 2020

East Gosford NSW


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Negotiation Workshop – Protecting The Asset 

The process of negotiation is just like a swim at the beach; you need to check conditions before just diving in. This workshop will focus on the negotiation sequence and delivery order required for the street agent to think fast and be prepared to protect the owner's asset and be worthy of the fee we deserve.

Session Outline & Topics

  • How to 'master qualify' through scripts and questions 
  • Providing all the facts, figures & features in writing. 
  • Learn the process to deliver offers.  
  • Become a Master Of The Signature Negotiation Process.
  • Think on your feet with objections & blockage questions.
  • Control and manage client expectations.
Negotiation Workshop
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