A day with Lee Woodward, Brisbane

16 Dec 2020

10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Brisbane QLD

Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre


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1x A day with Lee Woodward, Brisbane

16 Dec 2020

Brisbane QLD


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The tech & techniques to prosper in the new decade

Ensuring your prospecting and lead conversion methods match the expectations and habits of today’s property owner is a non-negotiable to prosper in 2020 and beyond. People are more connected and street savvy than ever before. If you attempt to reach out to them using the same old robotic scripts, you will be left behind.

Your greatest influential power in this new world will come from your ability to respond to key triggers with brilliant set plays using words and concepts adapted to each situation and your own personality. It’s about going back to basics like getting on the phone (with a genuine reason to call), active listening, asking the right questions, educating and having conversations as opposed to delivering a sales pitch. All of this will showcase the value you bring to the table so you never have to worry about your future income or reduce your fees again.

Drive your future and smash your business goals

Join Lee Woodward for an action-focused one-day interactive workshop as he showcases the best prospecting, listing and time management content in the country. Lee will show you how to apply the latest thinking, systems and modern marketing methods to generate a steady pipeline of business for sustainable long-term success. You will discover that combining smart technology with the right techniques is not only more effective but also far less time consuming than the methods you may be using today.

You will learn:

  1. The value of goal setting and the essential daily/weekly steps to achieve it
  2. The latest methods to build your personal profile and brand, including how to become a social media and video ninja for organic growth
  3. Why technology will never replace technique – the key is to combine them
  4.  How to plan, build and implement a successful prospecting program
  5.  Reasons to call so you never have to cold call again
  6. The difference between a listing presentation and a listing conversation
  7.   How to accelerate your results and income using the power of digital
  8.  That modern marketing doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive to be effective
  9. A series of triggers and set plays using the right words and concepts
  10. The formula to a powerful listing presentation, including the visuals to use

You will be provided with a comprehensive manual and a number of resources and tools for successful implementation of all key learnings.

About Lee

Lee is renowned for bringing a fresh perspective to the challenges faced by real estate professionals. His gift is to take a problem, visualise the solution, drill down to the detail and create a system or method that transforms the challenge into an actionable opportunity. He will inspire you to think and act differently to drive your future and smash your business goals.

A day with Lee Woodward, Brisbane

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