Listing Conversations Workshop

21 Nov 2019

11:00 am - 2:00 pm

East Gosford

Real Estate Academy


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1x Listing Conversations Workshop

21 Nov 2019

East Gosford


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Listing Conversations 

The elite sales professional has been in touch with the prospective vendor for some time, perhaps even years. They have researched the property and the neighbourhood and asked about the owner’s desired next destination. They constantly look for ways to help and add value, are always fresh and current because they update it every 6 to 18 months, they focus on their own game, are authentic and understand that they are the key point of difference.

Professionals understand that it’s all about the client, not about how good they are or their ranking on agent rating sites. They know how to present themselves, the right questions to ask, when to pause, how to maintain the right level of eye contact and how to actively listen, they all understand that in an increasingly competitive market and the only real point of difference is your preparation, your mindset and the level of service you offer.

Session Outcomes

• How to use professional influence and winning moments to convert the listing presentation into a listing conversation.
• How to be invited for your expertise, professionalism and service rather than simply for a free appraisal and the cheapest price.
• How to build your own Listing System or use our latest – Our Strategy & Process for Selling Your Property.
• How to prepare to win, including how to establish your point of difference and why consistent practice is the difference between an amateur and a professional.
• Techniques to break the ice that will impress an owner with your willingness to go the extra mile to learn their motivation for selling and be a consultant as opposed to a salesperson.
• Why your professional image is as important off the field as it is on.
• The signals to look for and the key questions to ask leading up to the listing presentation.
• Techniques to overcome objections, including fee and marketing objections.
• Methods to ask for the order/close and how some of the best in the business do it.
• What to do when they want to “think it over”.

Listing Conversations Workshop
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