One Day Advanced Complete Salesperson Course - Central Coast

01 Apr 2020

8:45 am - 5:15 pm

East Gosford NSW

Real Estate Academy


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1x One Day Advanced Complete Salesperson Course - Central Coast

01 Apr 2020

East Gosford NSW


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This special event is about advanced collaboration with agents like yourself who have already studied their craft yet would like to apply Real Estate Academy’s sales model and its assets in todays changed market.

In this environment Lee Woodward will demonstrate his expertise of instantaneous answers to your questions and fresh words required in today’s market. This is being held in our purpose built custom training amphitheatre and in a small group environment allowing you to propel your career with other like-minded people who value small group interaction and collaboration.

We look forward to the possibility of sharing this coaching experience with you. Previous attendees have reviewed this event as one of the greatest moments in advanced learning.

Nothing ever stays the same and yesterday’s thinking and actions will no longer cut it in 2020. How you connect with your community, generate listings and advocates will be different to how you did it this year, last year and the year before that.

Today more than ever, we need fresh new ideas and an innovative approach that is aligned to a proven real estate sales model.

Why this event over others?

1. You will learn the latest thinking and modern methods for generating more leads.
2. Converting more listings and gaining the trust and loyalty of more sellers and buyers.
3. Comprehensive NEW course manual allows for immediate implementation and refocus after the event.
4. Learn how to get your face and your name out into the community.
5. You are given the words and actions that will prove you are as professional, committed and transparent as you promised you would be.
6. You’ll be shown and taught that modern marketing doesn’t have to be complex or expensive to be effective.
7. You will be taught and given… reasons to call, probing questions to ask, what to send and the importance of client reengagement when working with your community.
8. Learn how to get a YES for an appraisal and most importantly, how to earn an owner’s trust to enter their property and offer your opinion on price.
9. You’ll learn how to present yourself during the Listing Conversation, the right questions to ask, when to pause and how to actively listen in an increasingly competitive market as the only real point of difference is your preparation, your mindset and the level of service you offer.
10. Learn that how you handle any objections, is what separates the amateur from the professional. We will teach you to do it well and closing the paperwork will become a logical next step.


One Day Advanced Complete Salesperson Course - Central Coast
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