TOD Power Talk Webinar - Mastering Your Database

02 Sep 2020

11:00 am - 11:30 am

Online Webinar

Online Webinar


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1x TOD Power Talk Webinar - Mastering Your Database

02 Sep 2020

Online Webinar


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Mastering the database

The people who master their databases are those who learn real estate. They use their database to bring clarity and connectivity to the three critical stages of the real estate cycle – Lead Generation, Lead Conversion and Client Fulfilment.

This one day with Lee Woodward is an open learning session designed to guide you through not only learning your software, but more importantly what you need your software to do for you, to enhance your effectiveness.

After 20 years of working in the software space and being the creator of the Complete Data software, we have discovered that sales professionals must master the database to achieve the following outcomes:

Session Focus

  • Finding opportunities
  • Store & Send great information
  • Set reminders & Scheduled Tasks
  • Place clients in searchable categories (tribes)
  • Chip and chase till converted
  • Manage the vendor production and contact process
  • Run your established client & main stream marketing system.
  • Be referred to others in the community.

This event is not just a technology session, its designed to coach you in understanding a career propelled by a data-driven culture.

TOD Power Talk Webinar - Mastering Your Database
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