The Complete Salesperson Course - Perth

19 May 2020  -  20 May 2020

8:45 am - 5:15 pm

Perth WA

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1x The Complete Salesperson Course - Perth

19 May 2020

Perth WA


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You will learn the latest thinking and modern methods for generating more leads, converting more listings, and gaining the trust and loyalty of more sellers and buyers in the current climate. We will focus on the following crucial areas of your business that need immediate attention and constant focus throughout 2020

Generating future business -

No matter how long you have been in business or how good you think you are, prospecting for tomorrow’s income must become a daily habit in 2020. I’ll show you why and how, using highlights from my latest book, How to Prospect for Future Business.

 Marketing YOU -

People want to work with real people, not a brand. So while you proudly operate under chosen banner and have access to all the resources provided by such a strong trusted brand, YOU are the business in the eyes of the people you serve. I will teach you how to get your face and your name out into the community.

Follow-up for future business -

Calling without a reason and distributing the same old monthly newsletter won’t get you anywhere in 2020 (it probably never did). I will teach you the reasons to call, the subtle, yet probing questions to ask, what to send, and the importance of client re-engagement when working with your community.

Getting a Yes for the appraisal -

Every time you communicate with your community you must do so with one question in mind, “How many appraisals will I achieve from this campaign?” Getting a Yes for an appraisal means you have earned the right and, most importantly, an owner’s trust, to enter their property and offer your opinion on price. I will show you how to earn that right.

The listing conversation -

Formerly known as the ‘Presentation and Selling Plan’ or the ‘Listing Presentation’, the term ‘Listing Conversation’ is a better representation of the ideal way to convert a property owner to a vendor in 2020. Why? Because people respond far better to a two-way conversation in which they feel they are being listened to than they do to a one-way presentation. Watch your results turn a corner when your presentation shifts from sales pitch to a friendly chat.

The property marketing plan -

Property marketing is all about showcasing a property to its best advantage and gaining the edge over the competition. Never is it more important to highlight how your marketing plan will generate the interest of more buyers than it is in a turbulent market when there are more properties on the market than there are buyers. This can make or break your chance of winning the
listing. I will show you that modern marketing doesn’t have to be complex or expensive to be effective.

Objections, closing & paperwork -

Objections are a sign that owners are listening and engaging in the listing conversation. It is far better to get an objection that it is to be met with silence. It’s how you handle those objections that will separate the amateur from the professional. Do it well and closing and the paperwork will become mere formalities.

Client Fulfillment

Buyer & Vendor management – fall under the banner of client fulfillment. It begins from the moment you walk away, signed Agency Agreement in hand. From now on all eyes will be on you to live up to the brochure. I will teach you the words and actions that will prove you are as professional, committed and transparent as you promised you would be.

By focusing on the key areas covered over these 2 days, you will be ahead of the competition, armed with the right thinking and practical techniques to weather the storm and excel in all market conditions.

The Complete Salesperson Course - Perth
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