Time and Action Management Workshop - East Gosford

19 Feb 2020

10:00 am - 2:00 pm

East Gosford NSW

Real Estate Academy


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1x Time and Action Management Workshop - East Gosford

19 Feb 2020

East Gosford NSW


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Drive your productivity, balance your life

Being busy doesn’t necessarily equate to being productive. If all you’re doing is going through the motions without direction and control or constantly getting bogged down with unplanned, unproductive tasks, you’re not fuelling your success; you’re simply running the petrol tank dry over and over again. Days become weeks, weeks become months and before you know it, another year of failing to achieve your goals has passed you by. Then you wonder why you constantly feel so overwhelmed, stressed and guilty because you’re letting others down. This leads to a vicious cycle because when you experience these negative emotions over a sustained period, you lose confidence and achieve even less.

Having your commitments and life under control is only possible when you make a conscious decision to manage your time and actions effectively. How that is achieved will vary from person to person, depending on a number of factors, including age, personality and personal preference. It makes no difference to the outcome whether you prefer to use a digital project management tool or you’re still a fan of the good old paper-based diary.

There is no secret weapon or magic formula that will make you more productive. The most successful people in real estate don’t have access to more hours in a day. They simply know how to make the most of each hour by using their preferred action management techniques (digital, non-digital or a blend of both) to keep them focused and on task.


This 4-hour workshop will question your thinking on an age-old challenge that crosses cultures and international borders. You will learn and take away a simple framework that can readily be tailored to your personal preference (digital, non-digital or both). This framework will allow you to tick off your to-do list, drive your productivity, balance your life and bring structure and clarity to everything you.

You will learn how to:

• Use strategic action plans and checklists to get more done daily, weekly and monthly.
• Work to the timeline patterns required in an active day.
• Avoid getting bogged down by unplanned activities.
• Resist the temptation of distractions like social media and workplace banter.
• Achieve predictable outcomes using simple project management skills and predetermined workflow solutions that facilitate repeatable performances – the key to sustainable success in time and action management.
• Use these techniques and strategies to take control of your career and your life once and for all.

Who should attend?

If you want to take control of your business and your life and become a more productive confident individual, this workshop is for you. It is suitable for everyone from business owners and principals to sales professionals, property managers and administrative staff.

Time and Action Management Workshop - East Gosford
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