Property Management One Day Workshop Perth

18 Jun 2019

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Perth , WA

Crown Perth


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1x Property Management One Day Workshop Perth

18 Jun 2019

Perth , WA


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Joel Davis will take you through two of his most succesful workshops, back to back in this full day of practical strategies, scripts, dialogues and ideas to solve your business challenges.

Session 1 - Property Management 101

Learn what property management is, from the ground up, and why it’s all about customer service. On completion of this workshop you will understand that if you work in property management your job is customer service

The focus

  • Customer service because customer service IS the job when you work in property management.
  • The importance of having a yes mindset.
  • How to add value whenever you get the opportunity.
  • Think win-win.
  • Start with the end in mind.
  • Manage and exceed expectations.
  • Under-promise and over-deliver.
  • Key learnings and deliverables

You will walk away with:

  • Key words and phrases that lead to positive outcomes.
  • Effective responses.
  • The knowledge of what to say and what NOT to say.
  • Strategies and procedures, including access to REA’s renowned scripts and dialogues via the Resource Library.

Session 2 - Structure and Clarity

Do you have visual clarity on the structure and potential of your property management business? In this highly interactive workshop, you will be given ample opportunity to talk about your own business – the challenges and the opportunities – and receive immediate feedback and advice. Learn how to make the profile, structure and position descriptions of your property management business crystal clear and how to unlock the full potential of your business and every member of your team.

The focus

1. The importance of maps

  • Clearly defined roles and expectations allow a business to grow.
  • Every business needs a map (Joel will show you how he mapped his business).
  • Learn how to create your own map

Joel will prompt you to question:

  • What your staff are doing right now,
  • Whether or not they're using their time effectively,
  • What they should be doing, and
  • If you are applying people to their strengths or trying to cover off on their weaknesses.

He will help you create your own map and walk you through the various position descriptions and expectations of each role.

2. Reporting and accountability

The better the structure, the easier the reporting, and the clearer the accountability. A strong visible structure and clearly defined roles and expectations make people accountable for their own outcomes. When you gain visibility over the structure of your business and what’s possible when someone achieves their KPIs, the full potential of your business and every member of the team can be realised.

Key learnings and deliverables

You will walk away with structure and clarity over your business including a clearly defined map highlighting the direction in which your business needs to go for sustainable success in all market conditions.


Who should attend?

  • Anybody with a face-to-face role in property management (Property Managers, Property Management Assistants, Business Development Managers etc.).
  • Anyone considering a career in property management or new to the industry.
  • A property management department head so he/she can learn how to train staff.
  • Principals 



Property Management One Day Workshop Perth
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