Property Management Leadership Workshop, Melbourne

14 Aug 2019

10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Melbourne, VIC

The Como


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1x Property Management Leadership Workshop, Melbourne

14 Aug 2019

Melbourne, VIC


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Property Management Leadership

The market has changed. Joel will give you clarity on where the industry is going and teach you how to set yourself up to be ready to take advantage of the changing conditions. Fall in love with your property management business again. Learn strategies to be self-reliant and to look after those who support you so your business can thrive.

The Focus

1. How to take advantage of today’s changing market

  • Software developments.
  • Shifting expectations.
  • International teams and the pressures being faced.
  • Unlocking additional income revenue streams for your business.

2. Protecting your asset

  • The sales department traditionally does the heavy lifting when the market is performing well. But what about when the market falls? That’s when the rent roll keeps you going. Banks value rent rolls. Three hundred properties can be worth in excess of $2 million, according to a bank valuation. Think of it as your Super fund.
  • Key learnings and deliverables
  • You will walk away with:
  • An appreciation of NPS and why it is critical for your business as it underpins growth and retention.
  • An understanding of the process that Joel used to grow his business on the back of the neutral scoring NPS surveys.
  • An understanding of how to effectively incorporate an outsourcing team into your business processes with minimal personal involvement.
  • An appreciation of rewards, accountability and benchmarking.
  • The ability to create perfectly aligned teams that are in tune with what your customers want.
  • An appreciation of why loyalty programs allow the best and most committed property managers on your team to be remunerated appropriately.

Who should attend?
Principals and property management department heads.

Property Management Leadership Workshop, Melbourne
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