Property Management Leadership Day, Sydney

27 Aug 2019

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Sydney, NSW

International Convention Centre Sydney,


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1x Property Management Leadership Day, Sydney

27 Aug 2019

Sydney, NSW


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Lee Woodward will host the Complete Property Management Leadership Day with Joel Davis, covering three powerful sessions on PM Leadership. 

The structured day will deep dive into a variety of need to know right now topics affecting the changing real estate industry.


Session 1 - Property Management Leadership

The market has changed. Joel will give you clarity on where the industry is going and teach you how to set yourself up to be ready to take advantage of the changing conditions. Fall back in love with your property management business again. Learn strategies to be self-reliant and to look after those who support you so your business can Intune with the road ahead. The sales department traditionally does the heavy lifting when the market is performing well. But what about when the market falls? That’s when the rent roll keeps you going — banks value rent rolls. Three hundred properties can be worth more than $2 million, according to a bank valuation. Think of it as your Superfund; This session is about protecting your assets.

Session 2 - Structure and Clarity

Do you have visual clarity on the structure and potential of your property management business? In this highly interactive session, you will be given ample opportunity to talk about your own business – the challenges and the opportunities – and receive immediate feedback and advice. Learn how to make the profile, structure, and position descriptions of your property management business crystal clear and how to unlock the full potential of your business and every member of your team.

The better the structure, the easier the reporting, and the clearer the accountability. Robust visible construction and clearly defined roles and expectations make people accountable for their outcomes. As a leader, when you gain visibility of what’s possible by each team members achieving their KPIs, the full potential of your business is transparent and accountable. 

Session 3 - Creating & Training New Property Managers

At Real Estate Academy, we have always been passionate about innovation and blended learning; TOD Training On-Demand is the next level. It’s our brand new multimedia platform for the real estate industry that allows us to bring everything together into a very different experience. It gives you everything you need when you need it. It lets you watch, listen, learn, and implement, using the resources provided. Coffee break training at its best.

Tomorrow's fresh property managers will need to consume content digitally to perform their role. Inclusive of your investment, we will be gifting you and your team a multimedia training program. Property Management  Progress Calls & Reports are real recordings of brilliant property managers performing phone calls and progress reports to landlords. Each recorded call with a variety of actual in the trenches today property managers is also in transcription for instantaneous learning and implementation.   

TOD takes every participant on a digital learning journey never before possible. The learning experience is engaging, interactive, and easy to implement on the job straight away. Less time away from the office on unknown training. TOD is the future of real estate training, and we're very excited to launch it for your benefit now.

Property Management Leadership Day, Sydney
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