Vendor Management Workshop - Listed to Settled, Brisbane

30 Oct 2019

1:00 pm - 5:00 pm (4 Hour)

Brisbane, QLD

Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre


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1x Vendor Management Workshop - Listed to Settled, Brisbane

30 Oct 2019

Brisbane, QLD


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Your moment of truth

It is an unfortunate reality that too many real estate agents let their customers down once the listing is in the bag. In fact, delivering an inconsistent, underwhelming customer experience (for both sellers and buyers) is one of the leading causes for concern in our industry today.

Once you leave an owner’s home, signed Agency Agreement in hand, your moment of truth begins. Are you really as good as you said you would be? It’s now up to you to deliver a customer experience that is consistent with the strategies and value proposition you promised to deliver in the lounge room. The same is true when working with buyers. Your role as an agent is to help people move and achieve their property goals as opposed to just treating every listing and sale as nothing more than a financial transaction.

To perfect the customer experience you must understand that the buyer and seller are not separate entities. They represent the community you serve. Both deserve transparency, professionalism and a consistent customer experience that aligns with the values and standards of the company you represent. Do this well and you will be rewarded with advocates who refer your name to others.

After attending this session you will:

• Understand the need to deliver a consistent level of quality service to both sellers and buyers.
• Have access to Lee’s Listed to Settled checklist, which will give you a proven system to deliver consistency of service.
• Be familiar with the modern communication techniques that separate the amateur from the professional during this crucial stage.
• Know the three main elements that lead to consistent success when negotiating the price.
• Appreciate the value of maintaining a connection with your established clients.


Vendor Management Workshop - Listed to Settled, Brisbane
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