Prospecting Webinar - Prospecting for Future Business

06 Aug 2019

1:00 pm - 1:45 pm


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1x Prospecting Webinar - Prospecting for Future Business

06 Aug 2019



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Real Estate Academy (REA) members have exclusive access to Training On Demand (TOD) Power Talks!

These regular webinar sessions are available without the inconvenience of travel, meaning you can be anywhere in the world as you can take part on your mobile device or screen. It also allows the opportunity for REA members to submit their challenges or requests for future sessions, as well as being in addition to our live coaching workshops.

Next Webinar Coaching Session topic  - Prospecting for Future Business

Real Estate Academy Members - These Webinar Coaching Sessions form part of your professional development and are complimentary. Please email Cristian to register your interest and secure your place now.

Non-Members are able to purchase a virtual seat for $195 per person via the webstore or by phoning Real Estate Academy on 1300 367 412

Prospecting that connects and delivers tomorrow’s income

The number one issue holding real estate agents back is a failure to strategically and actively find future business. The world has changed. Traditional prospecting models that relied on talking to strangers are no longer working. Agents still stuck in their old ways are spending a fortune chasing strangers and seeing little reward for their efforts.

Prospecting is personal, marketing is digital. You can’t expect to make a few cold calls, letterbox drop the occasional flyer and email a monthly newsletter to have business walking through the door. Furthermore, prospecting in isolation doesn’t work. No matter how long you have been in business or how good you think you are, prospecting for tomorrow’s income must become a daily habit. The key to prospecting that works is getting to know the people that make up your community, adding value as opposed to just making a call and connecting for a reason rather than chasing.

You will learn that prospecting for future business relies on a careful balance between modern methods to suit today’s digital world and authentic personal interaction. Lee’s fresh modern take on prospecting will show you how easy it is to get this vital part of your business humming so you never have to stress about tomorrow’s income again.

  Following this session you will:

·    Understand the need for blended marketing (a mix of analogue and digital).

·    Know how to mix it up based on the cut-through rate of various forms of marketing.

·    Realise that marketing must be continual to be effective.

·    Know the words and concepts to use that complement each strategy.

·    Have the ability to build your own connective marketing plan (or know who to call to have it built for you).


Prospecting Webinar - Prospecting for Future Business
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