Presenting to Win Business Workshop

07 May 2019

1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Sydney NSW

International Convention Centre Sydney,


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1x Presenting to Win Business Workshop

07 May 2019

Sydney NSW


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Focus on the consumer, not the competition

People assume winning business revolves around the glossy brochure and the lowest fee for service. We are working in an industry today that is slashing commissions because too many agents neglect to highlight their skill, professionalism and value proposition to the consumer. Instead, they are focusing on how many awards they have won and how cheap they are.

When a property owner lists with you, in most cases they are entrusting you to sell the greatest financial asset they own. There is a lot of trust and emotion attached to that decision. When you present to win business, people are looking for a reason to buy into you, not the service fee or the brochure. They must see genuine value in your selling plan and model to choose you over another, possibly cheaper agent.

In this presentation, Lee will demonstrate why having a listing conversation rather than a one way pitch to win the business is the best way to convert a property owner to a vendor today. Questions get answered, statements get judged. In a world where property owners are more savvy and connected than ever before, it is crucial to be yourself and listen to both the spoken and unspoken words. Watch your results turn a corner when your presentation shifts from sales pitch to friendly chat.

After attending this session you will:

· Know how to create a professional, structured listing presentation, which includes suggested questions to ask to encourage conversation.

· Understand the benefit of supporting your presentation with facts, figures and video marketing to highlight your point of difference.

· Realise the benefit of reducing your words and providing space for the potential vendor to ask questions.

· Appreciate the power of authenticity in a world dominated by scripts and empty promises.

· Have the confidence to ask for the business because you have earned the right to do so.

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