How to Build Processes and Get the Best out of Your People

12 Feb 2019

10:00 am - 2: pm

Real Estate Academy Amphitheatre

Real Estate Academy


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1x How to Build Processes and Get the Best out of Your People

12 Feb 2019

Real Estate Academy Amphitheatre


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Session Topic: How to Build Processes and Get the Best out of Your People - presented by Shirley Dalton


One of the hottest topics in the industry today - How to Build Processes and Procedures in your business.

Perhaps you've been in the industry for 20-30 years and you've now decided you want to get structured and organised. You realise the importance of having procedures and you want to rebuild or refine your business or perhaps you're looking at outsourcing some of your key tasks or maybe you're relatively new to the industry and haven't experienced the instrumental change that has come through the use of technology.

Whatever your reason, if you want to know the quick and easy ways to structure and organise your business as well as leave with a detailed action plan you can implement immediately, you can't afford to miss this workshop.

Having consistent processes and procedures in your business along with clearly defined roles gives your people and your business the best chance of success without costing you more time or money.

In this 4 hour workshop you will actively work on your business. This not just theory; you will be working on your business, applying your new skills straight away.

Session Outline:

1. Where are you currently? A quick and easy audit of your business systems and processes
2. Exactly what is a procedure and how is this different to a process or system?
3. Why you absolutely must have procedures in your business
4. How to write procedures so they are easily understood and followed
5. The 4 critical words to keep you focussed and on target
6. How to easily identify tasks you can delegate or outsource
7. The 4 questions you need to address to successfully train your people
8. The Why, What and How to developing and writing Key Performance and Key Behaviour Indicators and how they are different and superior to job/role descriptions
9. The 3 learning styles you need to know and apply when training your team
10. The most important sentence you’ll ever need when supervising your people
11. The 5 Love Languages and how this applies to your business
12. The Customer Communication Matrix and why this will help prevent customer complaints and unhappy staff


1. 5 Steps to Business Freedom (booklet)
2. Examples of good and bad processes and procedures
3. Completed individual audit analysis of your business
4. Your own individual action plan you can implement immediately
5. A functional organisation chart that works for your business
6. The full slide show and workbook
7. Real Estate specific KPI/KBI templates for sales people and property managers
8. The Customer Communication Matrix
9. An audio CD of Lee and Shirley’s interview How to Build Processes and Procedures in Your Business

About Shirley Dalton

Shirley Dalton is the number one authority on Proven Profitable Processes. Previously the Chief Operating Officer for an Australian international franchise organisation, Shirley developed and implemented systems and processes that enabled the company to grow from 200 to over 600 franchises worldwide and list on the Australian Stock Exchange In October 2006 Shirley started her own consultancy business, Dalton Business Systems and since then has helped hundreds of small business owners to make their businesses work better.

Shirley has consulted to some of the most successful principals in real estate and is an accredited trainer and facilitator for REA. With degrees in Psychology and Education plus having invested thousands of hours and dollars in her own personal development, and interviewed hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs for her TV and radio shows, Shirley is well placed to help you build your processes to get the best out of your people and your business.

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How to Build Processes and Get the Best out of Your People
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