Prospecting Workshop

29 Nov 2018

10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Real Estate Academy Amphitheatre

Real Estate Academy


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1x Prospecting Workshop

29 Nov 2018

Real Estate Academy Amphitheatre


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This Prospecting Workshop is a 4-hour session with a focus on what is working and putting a prospecting plan in place that is within your reach. Everybody is time poor. You have to make a commitment to devote time to the things that will drive your business. Who are you talking to? Who is your community? Who are the tribes that make up your community?

A scattergun approach will not cut it anymore, it's a common mistake when we engage with potential clients that we just assume we need to keep chasing people, it is possible to over follow up leading to failed connective relationships.

Topics to be discussed:

  • How to dissect your data into segmented tribes using technology
  • Showcase examples of effective modern marketing visuals
  • Operating to an annual blended-marketing calendar
  • Working from a menu of items to send
  • Working in campaign with connective compelling reasons to call
  • The five elements to mastering Modern Marketing

Finding business is a non-negotiable skill for anybody in a performance-based role, whether you work in real estate sales or property management. This is a fresh look at the most important skill that will inspire you to make prospecting a professional habit in your business

Prospecting Workshop
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