Real Estate Financials Workshop

05 Mar 2019

10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Real Estate Academy Amphitheatre

Real Estate Academy


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1x Real Estate Financials Workshop

05 Mar 2019

Real Estate Academy Amphitheatre


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Financials & Responsibilities

You can’t be a Successful Business Owner if you are not willing to accept Responsibility of managing the Basic Finances of your business.

Are you a Business Owner or Leader who does not know how to manage the Finances of your business? Do you know what the difference is between Profit and Cash Flow? Are you managing your business on the “Theory of Profit” or the “Factual” reality of Cash Flow?

You don’t need to be a Financial expert in order to be a successful Business Owner and Leader, but you do need to understand the basic principles of Finance if you want your business to be a long term sustainable success.

In this workshop you will hear from one of the leading industry Finance experts on how to plan your long term success. Learn how to implement the proven “Pro-Active Finance” model that combines; long term forecasting, accrued accounting, quality controlled recruitment, and modern day leadership.

Become aware of the “Critical Drivers” and the common “Pot Holes” that continually catch Business Owners out, so you can take control manage them into your plan.

Session Outline: 

The Basics of Finance “Simple/Stupid”

- Understand the difference between the “Theory of Profit” and the “Actual Reality of Operating Cash”
- What’s the relationship of the 3 Basic Documents of Business; Profit & Loss, Cash Flow & Balance Sheet.
- What is Accrual Accounting and why is Forecasting critical to long term security?
- When to Book up the Commission and How to Match Expenses & Income.
- How to work out your “Break Even Point” by knowing your “Fixed & Variable Costs” in advance.
- Narrow down your Long Term Sustainability to Daily/Weekly measures.

Avoiding the Potholes in Finance

- Taxes are not a bank! Manage GST, Bass, PAYG in advance by separating your accounts.
- Understanding Payroll Tax so you can align with your business vision and growth.
- Controlling your “Creative Department” of Marketing with Retainers and Actual Budgeting to avoid Blowouts.
- Managing your Debtors and Creditors.

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Real Estate Financials Workshop
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