Property Management Workshop Melbourne

27 Nov 2018

10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Melbourne VIC

The Como


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1x Property Management Workshop Melbourne

27 Nov 2018

Melbourne VIC


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With a focus on providing relevent content for Property Managers, Joel's goal for the day is to help you become a proactive versus a reactive Property Manager. The following topics and skills will be covered during the day.

a) How to work in flow - On any given day a Property Manager can do literally up to a hundred different jobs and a hundred different tasks. Joel will show you how to get very good at bulking tasks together and working in flow, so your productivity goes through the roof and you get your time back.

b) Conflict resolution - A lot of property management is conflict resolution, and Joel will explain the tools, skills, scripts and dialogues needed to resolve conflict successfully.

c) Accountability - Joel will explain how the buck stops with you and you are 100% accountable for the results that come out of your portfolio.

c) Managing expectations - To do well in property management managing expectations is critical. You need to make sure when you are negotiating anything like a lease renewal, or a break of lease, or any os things that come up in your day to day, the people involved may not know their expectations.

Joel will teach you the skills, scripts and dialogues to manage the expectation right up front to stop a problem from escalating. He will give you the scripts and dialogues to explain expectations to a tenant, and what their responsibilities are.


  • Audio of the session
  • Tools to help working in flow and facilitate effective conflict resolution.
  • Assets, Web Book templates, scripts and dialogues and checklists from our Frameworks Digital system.
  • Pre-recorded phone calls.
Property Management Workshop Melbourne
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