Senior Property Management Workshop Sydney

19 Sep 2018

10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Sydney NSW

International Convention Centre Sydney,


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1x Senior Property Management Workshop Sydney

19 Sep 2018

Sydney NSW


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A Senior Property Manager within an office bridges the gap between the Principal and the PM department. The more you can protect the Principal from having to be involved with the day to day, the more valuable you are. With a focus on providing relevent content for Senior Property Managers, Joel will give you a clear roadmap to succeed as a Senior Property Manager. The following topics and skills will be covered during the day.

a) When to escalate and when to solve - A senior Property Manager must know when problems need to be escalated to the Principal and have a very clear understanding of exactly which problems they can solve.

b) Audits - There are a number of audits Senior Property Managers can do in order to be able to havesome real clarity around exactly what is going on within the department, and be confident about the fact that everything that should be happening is happening.

c) How to train property managers - Joel will identify what areas need training and how to identify if you've got a Property Manager that's not doing very well and how to fix it.

c) Proactive management - Joel will teach you how to make sure that you've got checklists in place to perform on your staff in order to make sure nothing gets missed.


  • Audio of the session
  • Tools to help working in flow and facilitate effective conflict resolution.
  • Assets, Web Book templates, scripts and dialogues and checklists from our Frameworks Digital system.
  • Pre-recorded phone calls.
Senior Property Management Workshop Sydney
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