SOLD OUT - PM Business Development Management Workshop Melbourne

19 Jun 2018

10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Melbourne VIC

The Como


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1x SOLD OUT - PM Business Development Management Workshop Melbourne

19 Jun 2018

Melbourne VIC


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With a focus on providing relevant content for BDM's, Joel will give you a clear roadmap to succeed as a BDM and teach you how to start effectively. The following topics and skills will be covered during the day.

a) The number one lead source - Referral partners are your number on lead source. Joel will show you how once your listing streams are established, your number one job is to keep them happy and then retain them. This ensures you will have consistent growth.

b) Sending the right assets - BDMs must have their own content snacks such as SMS and videos to send out to lay a foundation for future business. Joel will demonstrate how to use CRM contact management systems and most importantly, the assets to send to potential investors.

c) Fantastic presentations - Joel will outline what your face-to-face appointments should look like and the material you should provide. He will also discuss virtual and online presentations and how you have to make sure you have plenty of Google and Facebook reviews, to make sure you are getting the right impression across to future clients.


  • Audio of the session
  • Assets, Web Book templates, scripts and dialogues and checklists from our Frameworks Digital system.
  • Pre-recorded phone calls.
SOLD OUT  - PM Business Development Management Workshop Melbourne
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