Principal Workshop Melbourne

27 Feb 2018

10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Melbourne VIC

The Como


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1x Principal Workshop Melbourne

27 Feb 2018

Melbourne VIC


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This session will be for Principals and future Princpals. With a focus on providing relevant content for Principals, Joel will give you a clear roadmap to succeed in Property Management. The following topics and skills will be covered during the day.

a) Growing your business - Joel will explain where to start, how to acquire new businesses and rent rolls and how to play people at their strengths and defining rols and responsibilities.

b) Outsourcing and what component that should play within your business - Joel will explain the types of jobs that can be outsourced such as; Background on market statistics, document preparation and preparing lease renewal documents and sending them out. If you are considering outsourcing, Joel will provide a roadmap as to how to do it.

c) KPIs - which ones to focus on - What are the good KPIs and which ones you should be keeping track? Joel will bring clarity to this issue.

d) People and leadership - How to get cut through.


  • Audio of the session
  • Assets, Web Book templates, scripts and dialogues and checklists from our Frameworks Digital system.
  • Pre-recorded phone calls.
Principal Workshop Melbourne
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