Listing & Prospecting One Day Spectacular Adelaide

23 Oct 2018

9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Adelaide, SA

Adelaide Convention Centre


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1x Listing & Prospecting One Day Spectacular Adelaide

23 Oct 2018

Adelaide, SA


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The Listing and Prospecting Spectacular

Join Lee Woodward for an exciting and inspirational session as we
showcase the best information in the country.

You will learn how to FIND and LIST, as well as how to manage your time
effectively throughout the entire process.

Lee Woodward is known as a trainer who gets down to the detail.

You will be amazed at Lee’s depth of knowledge and passion within the
real estate space.

This workshop will focus on how to plan, build and implement a successful prospecting program
And understanding the skills required to be a professional real estate presenter, Lee will demonstrate
The recently launched ‘Complete Selling Plan’.

Finding business is a non-negotiable skill for anybody in a performance-based role,
whether you work in real estate sales or property management.

A fresh look at the most important skill that will inspire you to make this a professional habit in your business.

Listing & Prospecting One Day Spectacular Adelaide
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