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1x Accelerated Coaching Plans


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Personal Coaching Plan

STEP 1 – Access REA Assets & Systems (12 months)

  • Individual access to REA Frameworks Digital

Investment - $500

STEP 2 – Complete a Framework Assessment Session

This session is completed in 1-2 hours, either as a face-to-face session at the Real Estate Academy or via phone/Skype session. During this time we will:

  • Build your personal business framework which will provide visibility in the areas of Lead Generation, Lead Conversation & Client Fulfillment.
  • Develop strategies to improve your personal productivity.
  • Create your own personal Annual Marketing Calendar for immediate implementation.
  • Teach you how to shift your focus onto Profit

Investment - $1,000

STEP 3 - Custom Coaching and Action Plan

  • Developed by the Real Estate Academy and tailored just for you, the customised coaching plan contains:
  • A series of recommendations
  • An action plan for how to power through the next four-week block
  • Audio assets you should listen to for inspiration and guidance
  • Throughout the four week period, you may be blocked or have questions - we have instant email support and we will provide you with the resources to overcome the hurdles. (During AESDT Business Hours)

Investment - $500 per hourly sessions.

STEP 4 - Follow up 1 to 1 Sessions

  • After you have completed four weeks of the coaching plan, you are booked into one-on-one phone coaching sessions. Alternatively, you are completely welcome to visit the Real Estate Academy and book one-on-one sessions face to face.

Investment - $500 per hourly sessions.


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