Andy Brownhill

Andy Brownhill

Director of Education & Web Books

Andy brought many years’ experience in adult education and vocational training to the table when he joined Real Estate Academy in 2015. Initially engaged to design, develop and manage the organisation’s digital self-paced Certificate of Registration Course for NSW and ACT, Andy now holds the title of Director of Education and Agent Placement. In this role he is responsible for facilitating and managing the Certificate of Registration process and connecting newly registered real estate career hopefuls with Real Estate Academy members looking for new staff. He is also responsible for seeking better, more innovative ways to bring learning, accreditation and continuing professional development opportunities to the industry.

Disillusioned with the direction vocational training was heading before joining the Academy, Andy’s passion for adult education and professional development was rekindled when he came onboard. Today he relishes the fact that his current role allows him to have a positive impact on real estate employers, those looking to join the industry, and all real estate agents seeking a better way to develop on a professional level.

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