Corporate Training

Our programs are designed to complement or replace your existing training requirements in your real estate business or real estate group. 

A corporate training partnership with Lee Woodward from Real Estate Academy will result in your team working to a system, building a stronger road to success and ultimately transform your business into an empowered organisation.

Over the years we have trained many successful real estate organisations including

  • First National,
  • The Professionals Group NSW, QLD and New Zealand,
  • Hocking Stuart,
  • Phillip Webb,

Just to mention a few.

Your training partnership is designed to be your complete coaching system, specifically tailored to the needs of your brand. All our coaching relates explicitly and is constructed around five key business imperatives, which form the foundation of our system:

  • Clarity of vision, goals and objectives
  • Determining strategy and focusing on it
  • Communicating effectively with your identified market
  • Understanding your customers’ needs and expectations
  • Organising your business to deliver and surpass customer expectations


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