Powerful Listing Presentations Sydney - SOLD OUT

05 Jun 2018

1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Sydney, NSW

International Convention Centre Sydney,


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Powerful Listing Presentations

Listing presentations need refreshing and changing every 18 months. Not just because people are copying you, but to refresh and recharge yourself and your message. The longer you have been presenting, the more set in your ways you can become. As our fast-paced real estate industry progresses, so must we as professional agents and communicators.

When you present to a vendor they must see value in your selling plan or model to choose you over any other agent.
In this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to create a presentation where they share your visual energy and desire to sell their property. You will learn our new structure on how to deliver your 2018 confirmed key messages.

We will also be studying prop’s, hooks and influential tips that demonstrate the depth of your knowledge.

Session Outcomes

  • It's not just about price, fee and method.
  • How to take your vendors on the journey of having you as the consultant
  • How to clarify value and structure to the process?
  • What the 2018 vendor is really looking for?
  • Wrapping your world of words into a presentation framework.
Powerful Listing Presentations Sydney - SOLD OUT
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