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Accelerated coaching fast tracks your career and makes you the professional you want to be. Coaching plans developed by Real Estate Academy coach you to change and give you the tools you need to be successful.

Working with Real Estate Academy, we build a custom plan just for you for where you are, right now. You don’t have to attempt change alone. We will provide the structure and accountability you need to change. With our expertise and library of assets we help you build momentum to power through your career.

Our coaching plans give you access to Lee Woodward, James Bell, Cristian Orrego and Danny Grant or one of our recent graduates from Real Estate Academy. You can also access the extraordinary Real Estate Academy asset library. Together we remove the blockages and give you the help to improve your personal productivity and power into profit.
We will engage in constant dialogue with you to ensure that you remain accountable. We will review your progress and document your progression. You won’t be able to hide because we want to help you implement your goals.

As part of your coaching plan you can also request letters, scripts to be recorded or position descriptions – anything you need – we are here to assist you. Quite often what you need is in the library. If it is not, you can make a request and Lee Woodward will custom record a script or phone call to give you the best chance of implementation.

One on one coaching with Real Estate Academy is a four-step process of continuous learning. Please understand that this plan is not for everybody. It is for those agents who have made a dedicated decision to scale the greatest heights of our profession.

Coaching plans are about commitment, accountability and engaging with different voices that can help you on your journey from where you are right now.

Are you ready to take the plunge?

Cristian Orrego is one of the Directors and member coaches at Real Estate Academy. Call him direct on 02 4349 1605 for more information on REA Coaching Plans.

How one-on-one coaching works

We strongly recommend you attend TCSPC prior to or during your Acelerated Coaching Plan. The Complete Salesperson Course, This essential course gives you mapping processes, key learnings and notes all in one module and connects to our award-winning model. One on one coaching mirrors the model.

Step One: We will connect you to the enormous wealth of content in the Real Estate Academy Mobile Resource Library.

The investment for Step One is $99 per month


Step Two: Complete an assessment session.

An assessment session is completed in two hours, either as a face-to-face session at the Real Estate Academy or via phone/Skype session. In that time, we:

  • Cover the blockages stopping you from building momentum
  • Develop strategies to improve your personal productivity
  • Teach you how to shift your focus onto profit.

The investment for Step Two is $1000 per 2 hour session

Step Three: Delivery of a detailed customised coaching and action plan. Developed by the Real Estate Academy and tailored just for you, the customised coaching plan contains:

  • A series of recommendations
  • An action plan for how to power through the next four-week block
  • Audio assets you should listen to for inspiration and guidance
  • Throughout the four week period, you may be blocked or have questions - we have instant email support and we will provide you with the resources to overcome the hurdles

The investment for Step Three is $500 per agent

Step Four: Follow up one to one sessions. After you have completed four weeks of the coaching plan, you are booked into one-on-one phone coaching sessions. Alternatively, you are completely welcome to visit the Real Estate Academy and book one-on-one sessions face to face.

The investment for Step Four is $500 per session

Your personal coaching plan integrates with your standard REA coaching program.

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