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1x Property Management Playbook


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Why Work With a PLAYBOOK
A Playbook is the answer to the structural pressures that block property managers and property management business from attaining success and enjoyment of this truly rewarding discipline of the Real Estate Profession.
Playbooks ensure a consistency of service delivery by creating a thorough process for the activities of property management.

The Playbook uses Real Estate Academy’s Consolidated Business Framework and Complete Property Management System to provide simultaneous training, visual templates and resources to compliment the playbook.
The Property Management Playbook creates a focus on relationship management and leverages the activities of property management to engage landlords, tenant and the marketplace with your brand and your service.

Will This Fit My Model?

The Property Management Playbook will transfer to any model of work in Property Management – whether you are running a Portfolio style, Task Based, Pod Based or hybrid model of property management practice. The Playbook simply lays over the top of whatever your preferred practice style is.
The Playbook is hosted in Microsoft Word and is enabled for editing. This allows you to customize the Playbook to specific local or brand based specifications.

Chapters of the Playbook

  • Why Work in Playbook & Will This Fit My Model?
  • How To Use This Playbook
  • The Complete Property Management System
  • The Consolidated Visual Business Framework
  • Playbook Orientation
  • Document Keys
  • Property Management Playbook
  • Chapter One: New Business
  • Chapter Two: Listing: New Business
  • Chapter Three: Listing: Re-List
  • Chapter Four: On The Market
  • Chapter Five: Tenant Induction
  • Chapter Six: Routine Inspections
  • Chapter Seven: Routine Maintenance
  • Chapter Eight: Emergency Maintenance
  • Chapter Nine: General Breach
  • Chapter 10: Arrears Procedure
  • Chapter 11: Tenant Invoicing
  • Chapter 12: Payments To and Disbursements From Trust
  • Chapter 13: Crisis Convergence
  • Chapter 14: Review
  • Chapter 15: Checking Out
  • Chapter 16: Lost and Gained Business


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