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Real Estate Academy (REA) is the only training partner of its kind. We offer skills training, software solutions, scripts & dialogues, created by our own in-house specialist team of professionals. Our material is backed by premium visual communications strategies supported with workbooks and follow-through audio and video coaching programs. Being the largest national real estate service centre in Australia and New Zealand, we have the capacity to deliver upon all our products and services.

REA is an innovative training and systems development organisation operated by a group of highly productive people who are dedicated to the design and development of leading-edge business systems and career development programs designed for immediate application by real estate professionals wishing to excel in the industry. The organisation is the consolidation of multiple companies, products and services which have been established and cultivated over a 10 year period by Lee Woodward and his team.

Our ability to deliver fresh and up-to-date solutions, which address the true needs of our target market, stems largely from the fact that we interact on a daily basis with the people at the ‘coalface’ of the industry. Many of our staff members, including our CEO, have a strong real estate background, and this fact gives us credibility, which serves as the foundation of our unique ability to relate to our clients. Intensive and ongoing research also factors greatly into the way we operate, an essential element in any fast-paced industry. Moreover, we believe strongly in the notion of practising what we preach, proven by the fact that we operate to the same systems and methods we recommend and have available for our clients.

If you have the hunger to succeed, we have the training systems and services to maximise your full potential. Strategic training has the ability to energise and empower individuals and this renewed energy and empowerment transfers to the entire organisation. It is not uncommon for an agent to become ‘lost in the fog’ on day-to-day activities. Training offers a powerful environment where the mind and vision are opened up to expand and move beyond the present position. In advanced learning, it’s not just the introduction of new information that moves us forward but the strategic alignment of what we already know.


Lee Woodward

Lee Woodward has been widely acclaimed for having transformed the real estate industry and profession. His dynamic, cutting edge business systems and career development solutions enable thousands of real estate professionals to excel in their chosen careers and countless businesses to thrive in an increasingly challenging commercial environment.

Vocally passionate about real estate and the people who, like him, have chosen to make it their profession, Woodward set his sights early in his career on enhancing the professionalism within the industry to such an extent that consumer perception of real estate agents would dramatically improve. Through the delivery of strategic training, systems and solutions that specifically targets the needs of real estate agents and enables them to connect more effectively with their customers, Woodward did more than just accomplish his mission. He quite literally changed the game.

Woodward commenced his real estate career in 1992. Fresh out of school and driven by a deep-seated ambition to be the best and serve his customers like no other, Woodward catapulted his way to the top 2% of real estate sales agents in the country within his very first year. Breaking multiple industry records in compressed time, Woodward quickly attracted the attention of the nation. Asked to share the secrets of his rapid success, Woodward facilitated his first workshop before a sell-out audience. Not long afterwards, he was invited to be a keynote speaker at the Australian Real Estate Convention. This was a turning point in Woodward’s career as it sowed the seed for what was to become his ultimate ambition – to teach others within the industry how to reach their best potential.

Woodward’s vision to help others and enhance the industry’s reputation was the catalyst for the design and development of The Complete Salesperson Course, followed by the launch of audio coaching program, Real Estate Hot Topics in 2001. Making history with the self-designed production of Australia’s first custom built mobile recording studio, Woodward was able to record, edit, master and deliver real time audio coaching on the road and at the coalface where the action was happening. He has since showcased over 800 interviews and produced more than 180 audio program titles in addition to Hot Topics, including The Power of People with Chris Hanley, Leadership Audio News, International Leadership with former Australian Swim Team Coach Bill Sweetenham and What’s Possible in Property Management. Fast-forward to today and The Complete Salesperson Course and Hot Topics are even more in demand than they were when first launched to an audience hungry for the programs that were like nothing anyone had ever experienced before.

Today Woodward is one of Australia and New Zealand’s most in-demand real estate sales trainers, leadership coaches and keynote speakers. As founder, CEO and Creative Director of Australia’s largest real estate training and systems development company Real Estate Academy, Woodward and his team continue to set the bar for training, continual improvement and systems development within the industry.

Internationally, Woodward is well respected for his innovative work within the training sector. In 2009 he was bestowed the honour of being selected as one of the world’s Top 10 Young Trainers under the age of 40 from a strong field of globally respected training practitioners. In 2013, Woodward was invited to attend the International Online Learning Conference in Chicago. Aimed at training and educational professionals from the public and private sectors, the conference showcased the very latest learning development techniques, platforms and tools available on the global market. Woodward has since taken that knowledge to help consolidate and further refine the services delivered by the Academy.

Real Estate Academy now delivers five core systems. All masterminded and refined by Woodward, ‘The Five to Thrive’ are - The Visual Business Framework (a visual system that follows the cyclical journey of an agent’s relationship with buyers and sellers and brings clarity to the processes, systems and services required to produce outstanding results); The Complete Salesperson Course (Real Estate Academy’s continually evolving 2-day flagship training event); The Knowledge Bank (an industry first mobile App that allows real estate professionals to tap into the Academy’ entire centralised resource library; The Complete Real Estate Management System (an industry first multimedia self study program designed to help real estate business owners drive opportunity into their businesses; and Complete Data (engineered by Woodward specifically for the industry and redeveloped in 2014, Complete Data is the ‘set and forget’ software system and engine that drives the nation’s best real estate agents). Woodward is also the author of best-selling book ‘What to Say, What to Send’ and the mastermind behind another industry first and Woodward’s latest innovation, Web Books, a multimedia system that combines customised video, text and images in a single link that may be emailed and printed for outstanding marketing and communication.

Woodward is as passionate about the industry today as he has ever been. He regularly partners with business leaders from other industries around the world to exchange knowledge and ideas for mutual cross-industry benefit. He also continues to be hands-on with all Real Academy products, systems and services and puts great emphasis on evolving the business in line with the ever-changing needs of the industry and his clients.